Blessings in a Bowl

Soup, Breads and Desserts E-Book Collection

A simple country way to provide wholesome homemade soups, breads and delightfully mouth watering desserts that gives you professional results with at home-ingredients you use every day.


Amaze your friends and family!! And save money too!!
What more can you ask?


Blessings in a Bowl will help you make your own homemade soups and breads, which can save you a bundle on your grocery bill! At the same time you will be serving your family and friends great tasting meals. Warm their hearts and tummies with these easy to make recipes!


I am also including a short e-book of 10 of my favorite dessert recipes
to add just a little bit of that yummy goodness to any meal!


Blessings in A Bowl is a collection of recipes from a country point view, with a homemade flavor that will leave people thinking you spent hours preparing these wholesome soup and bread meals when, in truth, it was just the opposite. 


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Save money making great tasting meals right at home, using ingredients you already have in your very own cupboard. You'll find lots of delicious recipes from wonderfully savory stews to creamy chowders! The breads range from old fashioned yeast breads to those delectable sweet breads that could almost double as a dessert.


This recipe collection of country recipes and tips spans several generations from the cooking expertise of Laurie Hall’s family.


This collection is a great resource for the newest beginners to the experienced cooks and bakers.

It contains over 60 soup and bread recipes for just about every occasion. Whether the occasion calls for something simple or something a little more savory, these blessings will amaze a crowd or a quiet family gathering.


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$21.95 Sale! 50% Off! - $10.95


"My Family and Friend Testers have found The Blessings in A Bowl Collection to be an awesome asset to their home library!"




The Blessings in a Bowl Collection is great for:

  • Warming up the insides of those little snow fort builders.
  • Dishes for the small family gathering
  • A soup for any pot luck
  • Giving homemade flair to any meal.
  • Saving money on tasty treats
  • Bringing a smile to an ailing friend
  • Making a dessert to rival a pro 


Click Here to order now!
$21.95 Sale! 50% Off! - $10.95


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