Hello and Welcome to Country Comfort Recipes. Would you like to be able to make great tasting meals, desserts and goodies and save money doing it? Well look no further! Our recipes are down to earth, good home-cooking that won’t cost you a fortune to make. These recipes and tips come from the kitchen of a “Country Chef”, who knows how to make fancy looking, great tasting meals, desserts and goodies with a bakery flare and still use an everyday budget. So let’s get cooking!!

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Country Quick Meals

Quick and easy cooking is a way of preparing foods quickly and easily by combining prepared food with fresh ingredients. Taking advantage of the convenience of pre-cooked food, while still enjoying the flavor and health benefits of fresh food has become very popular these days.  You are probably preparing some of your families’ meal this way without even thinking about it.

Planning short cut meals ahead of time is a fast way to put great tasting food in front of your family without slaving over a hot stove for hours. Do your grocery shopping all at once.  This makes sure you have all the food you will need on hand for the entire week.  Putting a semi-homemade meal on the table in a hurry is far better for your family than running to the fast food drive thru. Here are a few tips for making those in hurry menus:

  • Mom’s Homemade Pizza: Many busy families love pizza; it’s quick, easy.  Now days it is right at your finger tips by calling delivery, but it’s much cheaper to make your own at home.  By loading up your homemade pizza with veggies, you can fool your kids into eating something healthy! Look in your grocery store cooler to find a ready-made crust.  This will save you the time and trouble of making your own dough. You can also find pizza dough in tubes next to the refrigerated biscuits.


  • Mini pizza’s:  I have made these in a hurry many times and they are always a family hit!  Buy a package of hamburger buns, a jar of pizza sauce, a few of your favorite pizza toppings, pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, etc.  Spread a tablespoon of sauce on each half of the bun, top with toppings and cheese.  Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and bake for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted.  Serve with salad. 


  • Quick and easy fajita’s:  Using the leftover from a rotisserie chicken from a previous meal, sauté some cut up peppers and onions while you warm up some tortilla in the microwave.  Then cube up the chicken and toss in with the veggies to heat through. If your family likes refried beans, open a can and put into a microwave safe dish and nuke till heated through to complete your fast and easy Mexican meal. 


  •  Spruce up the Hamburger Helper:  Did you know that you can add all kinds of things to a boxed meal and make your family think you are the best cook ever.  Popping in some veggies in to Mexican pasta meal will give the dish much more flavor and bring that healthy aspect into a quick and easy meal.


  • Pasta in a Hurry:  It only takes a few minutes to boil some pasta and you can create so many dishes with this one ingredient.  Making chicken Alfredo is a snap.  By using some of that rotisserie chicken and a jar of Alfredo sauce you can become an Italian chef in a matter of minutes.  Serve this with some garlic bread that you can purchase at the store already prepared in the freezer section, just heat in the oven while you make the pasta.


These are just a few ideas for you to start out with and before you know it you will be adding all kinds of things to your list.  Country Comfort Recipes is dedicated to providing ideas and recipes for you and your family to enjoy.  Keep watching the web site for new ideas to a better and homemade way of making your family say MORE PLEASE!!

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