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A Blog To Live By!!


A Blog to Live By

It seems that everywhere you turn today in our world something and everything has to do with the internet or it has a blog/website attached to it.  Before I became a “blogger” I didn’t even really understand the whole concept of what it entailed.   I knew one thing for sure and that was I had a passion for writing, cooking and baking and I wanted to share this with the world.  How could I ever realistically do that?   I can remember people telling me over and over again, you should write a cookbook.   My response was usually, “Oh sure!”  And I left it at that.  The costs were way more than I could ever incur for such an undertaking.  So that was that, end of story.  Or was it?

Sometimes dreams that seem unreachable are really only a prayer away.  I think I must have said a thousand prayers asking God “what do you want me to accomplish while I am here?” Looking back now see that I did receive answers to the question, but the answer wasn’t always what I had hoped for. But none the less it was an answer just the same.  Sometimes it came with a subtle whisper, or other times with a resounding gong.  Thus said, I am sure that the times that I ignored the answers I didn’t want to hear and rushed headlong into what turned in to a disaster are what has held me back from trying something new.

Sitting back now, I can honestly say not once did I think to myself, “I should start a blog.”  I am not sure the thought ever occurred to me.  I believe the God knows the true longings of your heart and if you listen intently enough he will answer those longings.  They may not come to you in a resounding gong, but maybe in something as unexpected as a new friend.   So when I say that I attribute my start in this adventure to a long awaited answer to a prayer and the grace of God, I am serious.    One day out of the blue he sent me a person from across the street, “literally” to show me the way to open the door to a whole new world.  Blogging. 

After getting to know this person and of course sharing some of my best recipes with her, I heard that infamous phase again.  “You should write a cookbook.”  I gave my usual response to that, of which was met with “let me tell you how.”  And so it began.  The birth of my website was a very moving experience.  Seeing your name in print as it was can bring quite a vast array of emotions flooding in.  After the initial shock wore off, I dove right.  I have always been what you might call a mover and a shaker.  If it doesn’t come easily, shove it and make it go.

Within four short months I had written and published my first cookbook and actually sold over a 100 copies.  Now I know that doesn’t sound like much, but if you take into consideration that six months prior I had no concept of the first step I would need to make it a reality.  The first day I sat down to my computer to start typing up recipes, I turned it all over to the Lord.  My exact words were, “Ok so here we go.  I lay this adventure in your hands and what comes of it will be of your will not mine.”   Having the personality that I do, it is never easy for me to turn things over to Him, but being a born again Christian; I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do.  So it was done.

Even though I have not made any significant amounts of money, I have made my dream a reality.    I just completed my 3rd e-cookbook that will go on sale soon and have several more in the works.  I already have plans for another website with ideas that keep flooding into my brain so fast that I have to write them down or they would be lost forever. 

Over the course of the past six months I have felt a vast amount of emotions, but most of all I feel pride. Pride in the fact that I turned what was once only my dream into something very real. All of the time I spend putting together my next e-book or simply formulating new ideas with my daughter has given me such joy.  So I have decided that I am going to take the bull by the horns and give it this blogging thing a shot. With God and my family by my side, a new adventure is simply a prayer away!!  `This is the Blog I Live By!

Laurie Hall

The Country Chef



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